3 Signs You’ve Outgrown DIY Marketing (and what to do next)

It’s hard to beat the feeling of fast growth after the initial launch of your company; sales are coming in and your marketing efforts are paying off. When suddenly, the momentum slows and you’ve reached a plateau – what gives? If you’re experiencing a sudden shift in your marketing efforts or are simply not getting the results or growth you want for your business, it’s likely that you’ve outgrown DIY marketing and need a fresh approach.

What’s DIY Marketing?

DIY or “do it yourself” marketing is one of the first phases of any new business. In order to get your product or service out to the public, you’ve likely created your own logo, website, or printed material. You might have even tested a few Google Ad campaigns. And congratulations! If you’re reading this you’ve likely created a successful business for yourself and your team – no easy feat.

So why try something else? One of the biggest mistakes fast-growing companies make is sticking to the same marketing strategy they started with, assuming it will continue to work as they scale. There’s no denying that professional marketing is more expensive, but it is a requirement if you are looking to achieve serious growth and become a leader in your industry.

Signs You’ve Outgrown DIY Marketing

Is it time to level-up your marketing strategy? There are a few key indicators you’ve outgrown DIY marketing:

You’ve hit a sales plateau

  • If you experienced a high uptick in sales with your initial marketing efforts but are struggling to keep that same momentum today, it’s a sure sign you need to refresh your marketing strategy.

Your tried and true tactics no longer work

  • Is that paid ad not bringing in the results it used to? It’s alarming when previously successful methods fall short. Don’t worry – it’s likely a sign you need a new approach, not a reflection of your business as a whole.

You’re feeling uncertain on the next steps to scale your business

  • You’ve grown your business quickly and successfully – great work! Feeling uncertain on how to boost your business even further is a good problem to have and requires professional expertise.

When and Why to Hire a Professional

If any of the above signs resonate with you, it’s likely time for a scaleable digital marketing strategy. Businesses at this stage are on the threshold of serious growth but need a deeply analytical marketing approach to reach their full potential. 

Experts in digital marketing bring years of hard-earned experience to your business and can save you serious money and grief over investing in ads and strategies not in your best interest. What’s more, these experts have a deep understanding of marketing analytics and can train your team to uncover profitable insights from technical data.

Choosing an Expert

There are a lot of professional marketing services to choose from and deciding which one is right for you can feel overwhelming. Consider the following during your search:


  • This might seem like a no-brainer but be sure to choose a company with a history of experience in the services you are looking for. Oftentimes they will have a “team” or “about us” page that provides this information but if not, make sure to ask during your consultation

Case studies

  • Any professional marketing agency will have case studies for you to reference. These studies will highlight successful work they have done for past or current clients. When looking through case studies, take note of the type of client/industry they focus on, services they provided and results they achieved.


  • If you’re looking to scale up, you want measurable results. It’s vital that whatever agency you decide to work with has a deeply analytical approach to marketing and will provide real-time data and insight on what is working and why.

Scaleup expertise

  • Scaleups are in a unique position as they have done a significant amount of growth already but need a specific digital strategy to get over their plateau and become a leader in their niche. When choosing marketing services, you want to make sure the experts you are working with have proven scaleup experience.

Two Octobers specializes in working with scaleup companies across a variety of industries. By implementing our deeply strategic and analytical digital marketing approach, we’ve helped brands such as Sixpenny break into the $126B home furnishing market with an 87% increase in overall conversions, increased sales by 67% YoY for health brands through our analytical services and built a social media strategy that led to a 5,000% increase in conversions for Bitsbox. That’s not all – check out our full collection of case studies to learn more.

If you’re looking for a strong foundation to drive growth during uncertain times, Two Octobers is the tried, true and trusted partner for over 1,000 brands over the past 13 years. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help you.

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