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Press Release: Branch Tools

Marketing Agency Two Octobers Confirms their Data-driven Expertise with the Launch of Branch Tools – a Provider of Deeply Analytical Marketing Products   Their Tool, Branch Explorer, is regarded as the most powerful SEO tool for leveraging Google Search Console data.   Denver, CO, August 19, 2022 – Digital Marketing agency and B Corporation Two

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3 Signs You’ve Outgrown DIY Marketing (and what to do next)

It’s hard to beat the feeling of fast growth after the initial launch of your company; sales are coming in and your marketing efforts are paying off. When suddenly, the momentum slows and you’ve reached a plateau – what gives? If you’re experiencing a sudden shift in your marketing efforts or are simply not getting

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grow online revenue with this formula

We share our secret weapon that has driven thousands of dollars in revenue per month for dozens of ecommerce sites. The goal is obvious – you want to make your online store more money. How to go about that effectively is where many marketers fall short. Our team has developed a tried and true formula

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Mozcon 2021: Google Search Console Data, unleashed

SEOs are sitting on a treasure trove of keyword data in Google Search Console (GSC), but Google’s lackluster interface makes it hard to get any value out of it. At MozCon Virtual 2021, Two Octobers’ Product Director Noah Learner spoke about how the GSC API can unlock game-changing insights into SEO. The API contains millions

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5 Tips for Growing Revenue During an Uncertain Q4

Where e-commerce managers should focus their marketing efforts It’s true, it’s hard to predict what Q4 will bring for ecommerce retailers.  Here’s what’s working in your favor: Holiday shopping is already starting, months earlier than previous years; More consumers than ever expect to purchase online this season;  Marketplace disruptions have led 15-20% of consumers to

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Regular expressions 101

In this video tutorial, we walk through key building blocks of regular expressions using the incredibly powerful REGEXEXTRACT function in Google Sheets. To follow along, make a copy of this Sheet. Topics covered: Matching characters and sets of characters Using ORs to match multiple things Using escapes to match special characters Matching the beginning and

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Lessons Learned building an Apps Script Add-on

How we build G-Suite Appscript Add-ons in a team environment. Table of Contents: Researching a team Workflow Twitter Research for the win The Skunkworks Framework Github Flow What is Github Flow? Google Apps Script Github Assistant Apps Script Error Handling User Testing is Key Commenting is a necessary part of developing an Add-on The Apps

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