ga4: why & when to switch

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Learn when to switch over to Google Analytics 4 and what to look out for

Google Analytics 4 is powerful and is designed to work the way you do as a marketer. However, migrating to GA4 is not as simple as turning on a light switch. It is a strategic decision that affects every company and needs to be fully thought-through before switching over. 

Join Nico Brooks, Head of Analytics at Two Octobers, as he shares the process, insight, and tactics to help you make this key platform decision for your company. He’ll walk us through three key use cases for moving to GA4 sooner, rather than later: better user engagement metrics, better eCommerce metrics, and better integration with other data sources.


After this workshop, you will be able to

  • Learn when to switch GA4 on, and when to switch Universal Analytics off. 
  • Understand the top configurations needed to make GA4 data on-par with Universal Analytics.
  • Learn what types of websites should invest in full implementations of GA4 this year.
  • Understand the steps to take to get your organization fully functioning with GA4, including who needs to be on board and what kind of ramp-up investment to expect.
About The instructor
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Nico Brooks is a co-founder and principal at Two Octobers where he has created innovation, growth, and sophistication in analytics and automation for our clients for over 10 years.  Nico brings a rare combination of big picture marketing strategy and hands-on technical expertise to every business challenge.  When he’s not busy solving problems, you can find him teaching search engine marketing and analytics at The Daniels College of Business and hosting the Denver Marketing Analytics Meetup.

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