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Serin Silva

Serin is a relentless firestarter–but only the good kind. She’s the spark that seeks to connect two people who share values and goals, the kindling for new business relationships, and the bellows behind new ideas that move our marketing strategies forward. Serin’s background includes marketing and advertising for global brands like Microsoft, Williams-Sonoma, and Nestle.

Serin supports Two Octobers in marketing and sales, ensuring that the great work the team does benefits as many good companies as possible.


product launch

Serin led the digital marketing launch for Microsoft Developer's Network.

500% growth

"Serin is a talented account director, who is sharp, strategic and understands how to deliver on clients' objectives and help further their vision." - Janice Leung, Apple


Hungry for more? Here are some of Serin’s insights about digital marketing.

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3 Ways to Improve Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

As marketers, we often focus on the value and return of individual channels, and talk about things like CPA and ROAS. But let’s take a step back for a moment. Thinking more holistically, let’s look at the total sales and marketing cost required to earn a customer. That’s CAC, or Customer Acquisition Cost.  The lower

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recorded workshop

how to build your marketing roadmap

Strategy, goals, and planning are big-picture challenges for most marketing teams. Learn the most important components of a marketing roadmap as well as the behaviors needed to keep it fresh and agile.

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