How to Build Your Marketing Roadmap

recorded workshop

How does your marketing roadmap play a role in guiding your team, achieving your organization’s goals, and communicating your story to stakeholders?

Strategy, goals, and planning are big-picture challenges for most marketing teams. Ones that leverage the roadmap as a strategic tool are masters in achievement, accountability, and have an easier time demonstrating their wins to stakeholders.

Two Octobers’ Head of Marketing Serin Silva takes us through the most important components of a marketing roadmap as well as the behaviors needed to keep it fresh and agile. Serin shows you how to think big for your organization while showing marketing progress, success, and impact. 


In this workshop you will gain:

  • In-depth review of the components of a roadmap and potential variations
  • Exercises and prompting questions to help you think at the next level for your organization
  • A template to take away
About This workshop
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Serin Silva is a senior marketing professional with 20+ years of global brand experience. She has led marketing strategies and advertising campaigns for Microsoft, Wired Digital, Chevron, Charles Schwab,, Dolby Sound, Discover Card, Nestle, Adidas, PetSmart, Williams-Sonoma, West Elm, Pottery Barn, CenturyLink, and Zayo. She specializes in creating measurable marketing programs that span both the digital, traditional and emerging communication worlds. Experiences that unlock new markets, delight customers, break new ground, and drive results. Serin has a bias for action.

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