Navigating Natural Foods E-Commerce during COVID-19

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During this time of unparalleled uncertainty and societal crisis, many industries have been thrust into the position of evolving their operations, logistics, and marketing on the fly. The natural foods industry is no exception. With the grocery store chain in flux, your e-commerce strategy is one part of your business that you can control directly. But do you know how to leverage it best?

About this event

Two Octobers and Chelsea & Rachel Co. are partnering in this workshop to bring natural foods businesses end-to-end advice from the perspective of two different digital agencies who are in the trenches with our clients. We’ve triangulated e-commerce and marketing questions and concerns from many natural foods businesses who are facing similar challenges across the US. How do I pivot my existing marketing strategies to have an e-commerce focus? Can I do it quickly? How do I open an online store? What should I leverage in the digital marketing space: PPC, social, email? Join us for our seasoned advice.


You will be able to answer questions like:
  • Get industry trends and stats from COVID-19 times.
  • Learn how to set up an online shop – and fast! Already have an online shop? Learn how to go from just doing business to doing business well.
  • See how Google Analytics historical data can be your ally.
  • Discover e-commerce tactics and promotions that will improve your conversion rates and keep orders flowing. New to paid media? Learn about tried-and-true tactics that are sure to drive return-on-ad-spend, including Google Shopping, email marketing, social media, and remarketing. Plan for the recovery.
  • Everything we’ll recommend in this workshop will reap benefits in the post-COVID-19 state.
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Date: This workshop is not being offered at this time. See below for a recording of our last session.
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About The Instructor

This workshop is a collaboration between Two Octobers and Chelsea & Rachel Co. From Two Octobers, Kris Skavish has a knack for problem-solving and a passion for helping purpose-driven businesses grow. She is a principal and co-founder of Two Octobers, a fanatically-analytical digital marketing agency based in Denver. From Chelsea & Rachel Co, co-owners Chelsea Jones and Rachel Saul bring unique experience and perspective to this workshop. Chelsea Jones leads the team’s creative and development teams and manages the business side of the company. Rachel specializes in email marketing automation and flows, paid advertising, analytics, and data.

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