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Data is at the center of everything we do in digital marketing. Our analytics workshops are designed to help marketers think about data: what to track, how to analyze it, and what to do with what you discover. We tackle technical specifics, like tracking, reporting, and automating, as well as strategic topics, such as how to tell stories with your data. 

Our marketing strategy workshops help you use data to see trends, contextualize within the bigger picture, and plan for the future. 

Each workshop includes a presentation from one of Two Octobers’ experienced analytics experts, sprinkled with real-life examples from our day-to-day work with clients. Workshops end with “office hours”, where attendees not only ask questions and get help from the instructor, but also each other! It’s a unique opportunity for Q&A and collaboration you won’t find in most online training.

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upcoming strategy & analytics workshops

14 April 2021

Mastering Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is incredibly powerful. But… it isn’t exactly intuitive. If you are ready to ...

All Day
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28 April 2021
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Workshop: Finding Stories in Data

Join Two Octobers’ cofounder Nico Brooks in a workshop that shows you how to find stories ...

11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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16 June 2021
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Workshop: Overcoming Bias in Digital Marketing

Bias lurks in the corners of all our marketing campaigns. We look at how research, analytics, ...

11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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past workshops

Raring to go? Take a look at the video recordings of some of our past workshops covering strategy & marketing analytics.

Use your own search query data to understand the consumer intent that led your prospects and customers to your site.  In this workshop, we demonstrate our tool Search Explorer, and you will learn how, with the right visualization and story behind query data, you can find elusive business intelligence within your own data.  
So your shop weathered the 2020 storm.  Do you know what growth looks like in this new environment? Join Two Octobers’ Product Director Noah Learner in this one-hour session to learn how to seize opportunity in 2021 and overcome hurdles inherent to the bike shop world.
Marketers can use analytics to demonstrate success and guide business strategy. Join Nico Brooks to learn how to intertwine storytelling, context, and purposeful KPIs into analytics and reporting.
Strategy, goals, and planning are big-picture challenges for most marketing teams. Learn the most important components of a marketing roadmap as well as the behaviors needed to keep it fresh and agile.
Get twelve innovative strategies that act as ‘lighter fluid’ for your holiday marketing. Spanning conversion rate optimization, paid media, and ROI-based analytics, our tips will help you enter the holiday season with a confident marketing plan.
Ensuring that all of your digital marketing efforts for #GivingTuesday are integrated can be challenging and complicated–but a perfect match with some of the key benefits of digital marketing. Join us for examples & tips to take this year’s campaign to the next level.
Data Studio is a powerful tool. Learn how to use it to engage your audience and convey meaningful insight.
Google Analytics is one of the most powerful, free tools available, and with some dedicated analysis and a little creativity, you can find information that will make a real impact on your business. We share practical tips and insights.
Is your marketing data currently under the control of multiple vendors and platforms? It’s time to take control! Create a single source of truth for marketing analysis.
Having well-organized and useful analytics data is the key to maximizing results for all of your business locations. In this workshop, we share best practices, tools, and real-world examples drawn from our experience with businesses ranging from 2 to 200 locations.
Evolving your brand’s selling and marketing strategy is more important than ever, yet now you have to do it amidst chaos. We’ve triangulated questions and concerns from many natural foods businesses and provide tips and tricks to get your e-commerce business singing.
We’ve triangulated e-commerce and marketing questions and concerns about e-commerce and marketing and consolidated our best tips and tricks for online bike shop success.
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