Overcoming Bias in Digital Marketing

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Targeting, audiences, messaging & accessibility: explore and expose potential missteps in your digital marketing.

Bias in marketing is a sprawling topic that can touch personal data security, antitrust lawsuits, institutional psychology, redlining, systemic prejudice, presidential campaigns, and much much more.  Rather than boil the ocean, Karen O’Toole and Randy McFadden will unpack this dense topic by showing you audits we use at Two Octobers to create controls to make sure we’re living out Two Octobers’ values in the work we do for our clients. 



  • Bias – what is it?
  • The role of targeting and audiences
  • Impact of messaging and images onsite and in advertising
  • ADA compliance overview and how to be more inclusive
  • Audits and checklists for all of the above
  • One hour of content with an optional 30 minute office hours session for personalized Q&A afterwards
About This instructors

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Randy Mcfadden
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Karen O’Toole

Randy McFadden is a Sr. SEO Manager with deep experience in helping businesses thrive. Karen O’Toole is Head of Social and is one with the nuances of community in the social media world. This power duo’s expertise is at the forefront of digital marketing but more importantly, they are critical voices behind Two Octobers’ purpose to make the world a better place through values-driven organizations.

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