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yasmin Burgess

Yasmin is at the helm of the content marketing practice at Two Octobers where she designs content that pleases people and search engines. Her extensive background in SEO and content gives her the highly-sought-after, uncanny ability to speak the languages of both Google and consumers. Yasmin has led multi-channel digital marketing programs for large brands across industries including retail, hospitality, finance and telecom. She is passionate about creating content that elevates brands, gets visibility, helps audiences and drives results. 

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Head of content

Yasmin directs how we deliver content marketing services at Two Octobers.



Yasmin is great at suggesting and planning out value-ad projects for us to tackle month over month. And strategy is clear and concise -current client

traffic increase of 36%

Migrating a site can be a tricky beast. We worked closely with our professional services client to preserve traffic and minimize disruption. Results? A 36%+ bump in traffic post-migration, 26%+ increase in new prospects, significant reduction in bounce rate, and an 82% improvement in page load speed.


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recorded workshop

How to Craft an Audience-Driven SEO Content Strategy

Getting started with a content marketing strategy can seem daunting and overwhelming. In this session, we walk through how to craft a successful content marketing plan that is built on addressing user needs and improving organic search performance. We show you how to get started, including: how to identify topics to focus on, what content to produce, how to utilize existing content and how to measure success for yourself and your stakeholders.

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recorded workshop

SEO & Content Marketing for Multi-Location Businesses

For multi-location businesses, an important SEO goal is driving visibility and store visits. But which optimizations actually help achieve this goal? We share tips for optimizing both your website, using location-specific content, and your Google My Business pages, including best practices, tools, and real-world examples drawn from years of experience scaling marketing for businesses ranging from 2 to 200 locations.
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How Site Speed Impacts Performance

Site speed impacts everything digital marketers care about: organic ranking and traffic, paid search costs, on-site engagement and conversion rates. It’s time to prioritize the resources to get the technical changes made to improve site speed. The information you need to make the case is here!

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