Maggie Castle

Digital Account Director

Maggie’s style of account management is so in-your-corner, you just might come to think of her as a member of your own team. In fact, that’s how she thinks of it. The kind of hypothesis-testing, spreadsheet-wielding, smarty-pants e-commerce pro you wish you could have seven of. Maggie leads a team of equally talented pros focused on click-and-mortar business growth.



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8 Data Storytelling Concepts (With Examples!)

Storytelling, specifically as it relates to data and analytics, is a routine challenge for digital marketers. We need to be good data storytellers to clearly and concisely convey why our clients should continue to invest in our services to continue to grow. Based on our research and discussions, we landed on 8 commandments for successful data storytelling.

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How to Tie Online to Offline Tracking Together Using Google AdWords

AdWords store visit conversions are the first nicely packaged tracking solution in the paid search space to answer questions about online to offline behavior, attribution, and ultimately, return-on-investment.

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Three Lessons in Google Shopping: Advanced Optimizations That Don’t Require a Developer

Google Shopping, with its lack of keywords and reliance on a structured product data feed, can feel more systematic and restricting than paid search. But once we learned how to work with the levers that can be controlled in a shopping campaign, the results were spectacular. Below, I have outlined three of the tactics that my team and I have added to our repertoire.

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Top 3 Questions I Help Clients Answer

1. If you could change anything on my website, what would it be?
2. Could you forecast XYZ for me?
3. I've got a lot of data, can you help me create a presentation to share the meaning?