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While Nico loves creating things with his hands or lines of code, teams are what he loves creating most of all. At Two Octobers, Nico is driven to build a culture where people with diverse perspectives, great  communication, and no small amount of talent accomplish more than they ever could as individuals. His superpower? Seeing the hidden superpower in others. If you have a thorny challenge or exciting opportunity, Nico would love to get some of those superpowers working for you.

When he’s not creating, you can find Nico teaching search engine marketing and analytics at The Daniels College of Business, and hosting the Denver Marketing Analytics Meetup.



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Though “underling” implies a relationship that Bagpipe and Grumpy do not acknowledge. They prefer “begrudging housemates”.

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A New Direction for Marketing (and Two Octobers)

How can marketing--and Two Octobers--adapt to two key trends: The ever-decreasing cost and capabilities of automation, and the blurring of lines between everything digital marketing.

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Marketing Automation – a Journey with Google Sheets and Supermetrics

Automating tasks can help those in marketing and advertising improve quality and efficiency. This series of posts describes Nico's journey towards achieving these goals.

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Marketing Tools and the Bread Machine Problem

Smart marketers use tools to improve quality and efficiency, but on its own, automation for the sake of automation generally leads to more efficient mediocrity.

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Three Things That Make You Proud of Two Octobers

  1. I love seeing how excited people get by the results they produce for clients.
  2. One of my goals has been to create an organization of tool builders - i.e. people who innovate new tools when the right tool doesn't currently exist. I am seeing it start to happen.
  3. Last year, we committed to creating a collaborative culture where everyone contributes and is respected. We had a good starting point, but I've really seen people grow (myself included) and our culture improve as a result.