During Election Years, Where Do People Want to Move?

At Two Octobers, we are always striving to better understand consumer behavior as it relates to our client’s business goals. The more we understand about how consumers research and make decisions, the more we can sharpen our messaging, offers, and UI interactions. Over the past year, I have been doing a considerable amount of consumer behavior research and have dabbled with quite a few research tools. There was one in particular that I wanted to really dive into. To test it out, I needed a topic. A lot of chatter and media have surrounded the upcoming US election, so it seemed like a great place to look. And the more data I had to use, the better. This election cycle has generated A LOT of data, among other things. The topic I ended up picking was: are more people showing an interest in leaving the country, and if so, what are the most searched relocation destinations? In my day-to-day work, I am more likely to be looking at geographic furniture-shopping patterns, but this seemed like a bit more fun.

I used a tool called Tableau to both analyze the data and present it in a visually compelling way. You can see the results and study by flipping through the module below. (Click on the image to get started.)
*We have noticed that slide #5 has been glitchy and reporting incorrect country names.

During Election Years, Where Do People Search to Move?


Tableau Public 10.0 is a free tool that you can use to create this type of visualization, along with other explorations and visualizations for clients. For basic data visualization it is a fairly intuitive tool, but for more advanced exploration, it requires some training. We also noticed data discrepancies between the editor and published versions of reports. As noted above, consumer behavior research provides valuable information to use when creating campaigns and optimizing user experience. By utilizing tools such as Tableau, we can help answer questions and tell stories with data. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you find.

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