Native Google Search Console May Be Limiting You – Here’s Why

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Right now, there’s a limitation that you may not be aware of. Google only allows you to see a tiny fraction of your organic impressions and clicks in Search Console.. Only they can answer why visibility is so limited; we suspect it has something to do with the word “monetization”. This limit hampers your ability to 1) see all the ways users search for your brand, products, and topic areas,  and 2) look at deeper meaning and intent that can drive your revenue growth. 

At Two Octobers, we wanted to go beyond what GSC provides in their interface. So we created a tool that allows for a lot more visibility and expands the capacity of GSC. Our tool allows us to go much deeper into the data and drive revenue for our clients. It’s called Two Octobers Explorer, and it’s currently in beta.

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What Two Octobers Explorer does:

  • It makes GSC data actually useful
  • It provides better insight into your entire keyword universe, especially long-tail queries
  • It combines query, page, and rank data to generate deeper insights than any other tool on the market
  • It filters data 3x faster so that you can easily visualize large volumes of GSC data and improve your digital marketing strategy

Why it matters:

  • Without Two Octobers Explorer, you’re only seeing part of the picture, missing out on important levers you can pull to improve your revenue, drive new ideas, and measure your impact.

If you would like to learn more, here are some additional resources to check out:

Product information and sign up to be notified of wide release.

Video walkthrough

If you’re interested in a demo, please contact [email protected] We’re inviting a limited number of candidates to join our beta group. Our basic package will be available for purchase Q4 2021.

Serin Silva

Serin Silva

Serin Silva is a veteran marketing strategist at Two Octobers. Learn more about Serin

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