GA4 training & migration

You have until July 2023 to make the switch to GA4 and preserve your historical data. Are you ready?

A steep learning curve

Switching to GA4 isn’t simple. It involves new processes, technology and ways of thinking. In order to get familiar with the new system and collect data accurately, it is highly recommended to set up your GA4 property now so you can run it in parallel to your existing Universal Analytics account.

Options & pricing

Don’t wait! These discounted prices are for a limited time only.


Starts at $1,000
Set up all tracking inside of GA4.

Simple training

$1,000/month x 6 months (up to 2 people)
Best-in-class training for your team on how to use GA4.

Migration + training

Consult for a quote
We will migrate your site to GA4 and train your team on how to use it.

benefits of GA4

GA4 is better geared toward marketers. It gives you customer-centric measurements so you can understand your audience
more accurately.