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Google Analytics may be the most powerful free tool at your disposal. And chances are, you’re underusing it. If your GA account is set up, but you don’t have goals, events, and ecommerce data, you’re missing key insights about how website visitors become leads and customers. Worse yet, it’s not hard to miss critical configurations like cross-domain tracking, or add double tracking to your website, leaving you with misinformation.

  • GA Audits
    • In-depth review covers more than two dozen factors.
    • Ensures goals, events, and other settings are configured accurately and in alignment with business goals.
  • Troubleshooting
    • For tough problems that are hard to solve.
    • Cross-domain tracking issues, 3rd-party integration tracking, or untrusted data.
  • GA4 Setup
    • Marketers and technologists are having a challenge configuring Google’s latest platform.
    • Get a head start on GA4 migration and training.
    • Ensures goals, events, and ecommerce tracking you depend on in Universal Analytics are set up properly in GA4.
    • Start tracking your data in GA4, and take advantage of insights and predictions powered by AI, deeper audience integration with Google Ads, and customer lifecycle reporting, among other intriguing new features.
  • Customized Coaching & Audits
    • GA audit with tailored coaching that answers how to extract the most value from GA with step-by-step live help, designed just for you. Learn more about coaching.

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$5,000/mo savings

A website launch can break technology. For one client, Google Ads continued to optimize to a broken conversion value. We fixed it and quickly saved them thousands in wasted spend.

Flying Blind

Ever wonder where your sales are really coming from? So did our client, an educational company. After correcting tracking for their email channel, they were able to see which email promotions & copy worked, and drive more sales.

positive ROAS

No tracking in a quote system means big gaps in path-to-purchase data. Our client was unable to connect traffic sources to leads & purchases, which meant not having a solid idea of where to invest media. We implemented tracking, established traffic source benchmarks, and successfully drove positive return on ad spend via paid media.

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Analytics Services

We're the partner that works with you to ensure you are extracting maximum value from your marketing data.

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analytics with purpose

Marketers can use analytics to demonstrate success and guide business strategy. Join Nico Brooks to learn how to intertwine storytelling, context, and purposeful KPIs into analytics and reporting.

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Google Analytics Events

Create events for any and all user interactions that have value, and can’t be tracked with the stanard GA pageview tag. More data is better, when it comes to events! 

Use this cheat sheet for help creating events in Google Analytics.

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The $10,000 gem hiding in your Google Analytics

There is a gem hiding inside your Google Analytics that will have a real impact on your business. In this blog post, we’ll walk through a couple of real-life examples where we’ve used Google Analytics to discover this kind of business-impacting data.

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