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Noah Learner

Noah is as bottom-line driven as any digital marketer we’ve ever met. He’s just not satisfied until he’s sure he’s making clients money. Maybe it’s because he’s been there, as a local business manager, and as an agency owner himself. Prior to Two Octobers, Noah ran Bike Shop SEO, a digital marketing agency devoted to revenue growth for bike shops.

And the latest mouse this cat is chasing? Business profitability through system integration and automation, as Two Octobers’ head of tool building, and as co-founder of AgencyAutomators. Go ahead: ask him how to pull marketing data from disparate sources together so you can make better, data-driven marketing decisions.

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gmb posts tool

Postamatic saves hours a month for managers of multi-location businesses.

117% revenue growth

Noah drove 117% ecomm revenue for a three-location bike shop in one year, diversifying revenue streams beyond in-store.

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Hungry for more? Here are some of Noah’s insights about tools & automation.

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Understanding the Depths of Consumer Intent

Use your own Google search data to understand the consumer intent that led prospects and customers to your site.  In this workshop, we demonstrate our tool Search Explorer, and you will learn how, with the right visualization and story behind query data, you can find elusive business intelligence within your own data.  

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recorded workshop

Building a Data Pipeline

Marketers *can* gather data from disparate sources into a single source of truth for marketing analysis! We walk through each of the steps from gathering Facebook, Google Ads, Google Search Console and Analytics data to populating a Google BigQuery database.
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A tool that helps anyone managing a Google My Business page populate posts more efficiently. Create and schedule GMB posts offline, in advance and have them automatically uploaded at the right time.

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