Building a Data Pipeline

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Creating a Single Source of Truth for Marketing Analysis

Is your marketing data currently under the control of multiple vendors and platforms? Do you have to cobble together data and reporting tools to answer questions about marketing ROI and your customer’s journey? It’s time to take control! Join Noah Learner (Head of Tools and Automation) in this in-depth workshop that helps marketers gather data from disparate sources into a single source of truth for marketing analysis.

About this event

In this two hour onilne workshop, we will walk through each of the steps from gathering Facebook, Google Ads, Google Search Console and Analytics data to populating a Google BigQuery database. The session will be packed with tips and tools, and there will be time, in the end, to dive into your specific data needs and challenges.


In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the pillars of ETL (extract, transform, load), a type of data integration used to blend data from multiple sources.
  • Get the whys, whats, and hows of building a marketing data pipeline.
  • Take away a list of our tested and approved toolset, many of which are free or cheap.
  • A healthy dose of demonstrations and walk-throughs so that you’re able to visualize steps you can take next.
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Date: This workshop is not being offered at this time. See below for a recording of our last session.
Category: Marketing Analytics Training

About The Instructor

Nico Brooks is a co-founder and principal at Two Octobers where he has created innovation, growth, and sophistication in analytics and automation for our clients for over 10 years.  Nico brings a rare combination of big picture marketing strategy and hands-on technical expertise to every business challenge.  When he’s not busy solving problems, you can find him teaching search engine marketing and analytics at The Daniels College of Business and hosting the Denver Marketing Analytics Meetup.

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View a previous recording of this workshop below. 

Recorded live webinar

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Live workshops are more interactive. You won’t want to miss the office hours offered at the end of each session, where attendees ask questions and interact not only with our knowledgeable presenters, but also with each other, to extend their learnings from the workshop. 

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