Leading Out, Selling Through COVID-19

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How Bike Shops Can Survive and Thrive with E-commerce & Marketing

During this time of unparalleled uncertainty and societal crisis, bike shops and other local-oriented businesses have been thrust into a position of discomfort, wondering how their businesses can make it through. Do you have a go-ahead plan to bridge the gap between how you once conducted business and what your future state needs to be? We’re here to help.

About this event

We’ve triangulated e-commerce and marketing questions and concerns from dozens of bike shops who are facing similar challenges across the US. How can I turn on my online shopping cart? How do I go from just doing business to doing business well? What should I leverage in the digital marketing space: PPC, social, email? Join Noah Learner, Two Octobers’ Product Director and founder of Bike Shop SEO, to form a go-ahead plan for how to push your bike shop through unchartered territory. He and Matt Donovan, the owner of Dedham Bike Shop, will share from strategies and learnings they’ve gathered in the last few weeks.


In this workshop, you will:
  • Learn how to leverage site features like online shopping, online service appointment bookings, curbside pickup, gift cards, and more
  • Create a local marketing strategy for COVID-19 times
  • Hear our recommendations on what digital marketing tactics to explore in:
    • Google Ads (PPC & Shopping)
    • Facebook and other social platforms
  • Leverage a community of bike shops who are facing similar challenges
  • Float specific questions by Noah during an office hours session following the workshop
noah with his wife and kids
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Date: This workshop is not being offered at this time. See below for a recording of our last session.
Category: Marketing Strategy & Analytics Training

About The Instructor

Noah Learner is Product Director at Two Octobers, where he builds tools to help digital marketers succeed. Noah is an expert on ecommerce, SEO and automation. Prior to Two Octobers, Noah ran Bike Shop SEO, a digital marketing agency devoted to revenue growth for bike shops.

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Live workshops are more interactive. You won’t want to miss the office hours offered at the end of each session, where attendees ask questions and interact not only with our knowledgeable presenters, but also with each other, to extend their learnings from the workshop. 

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