We believe winning in business takes a team effort.

Meet Our Digitally Savvy Team

We love our team. You will too.

Kris Skavish

Kris knows how to get to the heart of what matters. She is also partial to poppy seeds.


Velocity Specialist
Kris' loyal companion. Most quoted literary reference: "Please sir, I want some more."

Nico Brooks

Loves efficient tools; hates weak coffee. A big numbers guy who lives to troubleshoot the hard stuff.

Fred Caloggero

Sr Mgr, User Behavior & Research
Masterful at breaking down complex problems. Climbs rocks & ice in his spare time.


Public Relations
Internationally acclaimed author of "Say It With a Belly Rub: a Dog's Guide to Human Behavior Modification".

Dione Wedel

Office Manager
Keeps everything running. Eagle eye for the details. Proud Army mom.

Amanda Carroo

Sr Manager, Social Media Lead
Just the right balance of social and analytical. Tireless pursuer of new experiences.

Ray Stein

Bus Dev Director
Strategizes campaigns with the panache of a great conductor. 2nd-best foosball player in the office.


Prefers having a direct line of sight to Ray. ... Phew, there he is!

Alli Hair

Analytics Specialist
Paints pictures with data. Has a nasty habit of infecting coworkers with optimism.

Sirena Rolfe

VP, Marketing Engineering Group
Accomplished campaign & team leader. Is enjoying her 4th cup of coffee of the day as we speak.

Rachel Zinanti

Sr Manager, SEM Lead
May be the most organized person on earth. An analytics master, skier and photographer.

Rachel's dog, Tango

Always willing to lend a paw.

Pete Wise

Sr Digital Marketing Mgr
Never met a decision that couldn't be made better using numbers. Peculiar fascination with Nicholas Cage.

Nate Skold

Digital Marketing Manager
A model of efficiency and tool building.

Jeff Rovner

Digital Account Director
Great at strategy and execution. Totally cool under pressure. Voted best sidekick in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Jason Rogers

Sr Manager, SEO Lead
Expert at the tools and devices people use to search. Loves what happens on a snowboard at 45’.

Jamil Chughtai

Digital Associate Account Director
Veteran search marketing professional. Has a sense of humor that can sneak up on you.

Jake Jamieson

VP, Digital Presence Lab
Never met a SEO project he couldn't improve. Seems to know when you're sleeping and when you're awake.

Jaimee LaTorra

Digital Marketing Manager
Our brilliant intern turned specialist turned manager. Has also mastered Call Me Maybe on the ukulele.


Procurement Specialist
Particular emphasis on fast-casual dining.

Maggie Castle

Digital Account Director
Brilliant at retail/shopping campaigns. Former heptathlete (some of us can't even name seven sports).


Wrestling Coach
Part caucasian ovcharka, clearly.

Grant Fogle

SEO Manager
Adept with an XML tag and a turn of phrase. Not allowed to play ping pong with his good hand.

Greg Thomason

Sr Digital Marketing Manager
Loves education marketing, car shows and wearing his headphones halfway on his head. He’s also the guy that’s always here first.

Kevin Mullan

Digital Marketing Manager
Quiet, but deadly with a digital campaign. Loves cookies.

Sandy Tran

Social Media Specialist
A deft hand with social influence and horticulture. Amazes us with her ability to live without a driver's license.

Tom McGuane

SEO Manager
Has forgotten more about keeping SEO clients happy than most people know. Auditioned for SNL - their loss is our gain.

Niki Mosier

SEO Manager
Has an eye for strategy and a tireless work ethic - along with an unnatural love for the Green Bay Packers. Duh, she's from Wisconsin.

Megan Hanning-Bean

Digital Account Coordinator
Obsessed with learning and making things better. Also dabbles in cliff diving. Seriously.

Karen O'Toole

Social Media Manager
Passionate about building communities, with a flair for the irreverent. Has never met an Oxford comma she didn't like.

Stephanie Eaton

Digital Marketing Specialist
Everyone is impressed (and a bit unnerved) by how fast she picks things up.
Overwatch. That's all.

Alli Berry

Sr Manager, Content Lead
Chock full o’Content Strategy - can write her way out of boxes and around corners. Has Strong Midwestern roots. Has an unnatural love of Crock Pot cooking.

Kaitlin Parker

Digital Marketing Manager
Bona fide scientist and loves working with people.


Turnaround Specialist
...and around, and around