Announcing the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

The disruption and upheaval in doing business this year has been profound, largely due to the coronavirus. But, disruption doesn’t always have to be a bad thing: it also brings about new ideas, revitalization, new ways to connect with others and to learn. Enter the Two Octobers apprenticeship program.

As a purpose-driven organization, proud B Corp and a culture of teaching and learning, we asked ourselves how we could help. How could we impact the needs and lives of others in this difficult time? One answer we came up with: dismantle unnecessary barriers to entry in our profession. We worked with wonderful people from the Colorado and US Departments of Labor to develop a Registered Apprenticeship Program to help provide expertise and training in digital marketing to anyone who is ready, willing and able.

Despite some efforts to increase diversity in media and tech, the hiring of underrepresented groups has not accelerated in the way that reflects the diversity of America. If we’d want to match the composition of the United States, according to Harvard Business Review, companies would need approximately 13.4% Black, 1.3% Native American, and 18.1% Latinx to balance the talent pool. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the professions of marketing and advertising don’t even come close. For example, just 0.7% of advertising managers are Black.

With that unmet need and a strong willingness to teach, learn, and grow talent, the Digital Marketer Apprenticeship was born! We are currently screening a pool of candidates and hope to hire our first apprentice this quarter. We’d love other agencies and in-house marketing teams to join us; if you’re interested in learning more about the digital marketing apprenticeship program so you can hire one in your company, get in touch.

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