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Does Moz Local Work?

Does Moz Local work for managing multi-unit businesses? == UPDATE – January 2016 Check out our updated Moz Local review with 20 months of data! == We’ve been testing Moz Local for 6 weeks hoping to answer this question. Last week we reviewed actual stats from Moz Local tests. This week we’re following up with thoughts

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Moz Local Review: First 5 Weeks Results

UPDATED January 2016 Check out our latest Moz Local test with 20 months of data! Our Moz Local Review Findings When Moz launched their new Moz Local listing management tool in March, we at Two Octobers were pretty excited. The price is right ($49/year), but will it live up to the promise? I’d like to think

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How Reviews Flow Around the Web

Click on the image for a big version, suitable for framing. My colleague Kris wrote a fine post a couple of weeks ago on the importance of online reviews for local business, and how to get them. Following that post, we did a little research to figure out how reviews get passed around between major

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What Percentage of Search Is Local?

I’ve had a hard time finding a good answer to this question: what percentage of searches on web search engines such as Google and Bing are local? I’ve heard wildly different statistics, possibly due to the fact that “local” is a difficult concept to define. Is a search for an area code a local search?

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