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Audience with Speech Balloons

3 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience Before They Visit Your Site

With advancements in machine learning, the growth of attribution modeling, and digital marketing as a whole becoming more user-focused, keyword-only strategies for paid search are no longer going to cut it. This is why audiences are a hot topic for paid search. Typically, the term ‘audience’ is associated with remarketing lists. Remarketing is great and

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Advanced Reporting & Automation for Google Shopping

Using the Google Merchant Center API, Supermetrics & More By Nico Brooks & Maggie Castle It doesn’t take much to upend a Google Merchant Center (GMC) account.  A single recalled product in a feed of thousands could suspend an entire feed.  Discrepancies in shipping costs, lost site verification, or expired feeds are also common culprits.

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Replacing Google Ads Editor HTML Export Functionality

Updated August, 2016, to reflect changes in Google Ads Editor and added support for the expanded text ad format. In the Summer of 2015, Google removed the HTML export feature from Google Ads Editor. We made heavy use of this functionality in order to share new campaigns with clients for approval. To replace it, I

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