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5 Tips for Growing Revenue During an Uncertain Q4

Where e-commerce managers should focus their marketing efforts It’s true, it’s hard to predict what Q4 will bring for ecommerce retailers.  Here’s what’s working in your favor: Holiday shopping is already starting, months earlier than previous years; More consumers than ever expect to purchase online this season;  Marketplace disruptions have led 15-20% of consumers to

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Search Ad CTRs by Age

Analyzing Search Ad CTRs by Age I teach search engine marketing at a local university, and I love hearing the perspective of young people on trends in digital marketing. One question that has come up in more than one class is, “do people really click on search ads?” When we discuss this, there has been

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Google Grant Tips

5 Tips for Google Grant Accounts Struggling to Hit a 5% CTR

Last year, Google announced a major change to its Ad Grant program, requiring accounts to maintain a 5% click-through rate (CTR). Click-through rate is the ratio of clicks an ad gets to the number of times it is shown (impressions) and is an indication of the relevancy and quality of an ad. Grant accounts that

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Make the Most of Your Google Grant Keywords

Recent Changes to Google Grants If you’re already a Google Grant recipient, chances are you’ve noticed some changes in your grant account in the past year. One of the most notable changes to Google’s Ad Grants program is the strictness on keywords permitted to run. Previously, grant account managers could upload an infinite number of

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No Time? No Problem: A Nonprofit’s Guide to Google Ad Grants

What Should I Know About Google Ads Grants? As of January 2019, Google is processing over 40,000 search queries every second – that’s over 3.5 billion searches per day. This mind-boggling statistic is only one of the many reasons that nonprofits should be investing in their presence on Google. Unfortunately, we know that many nonprofits

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How to Tie Online to Offline Tracking Together Using Google AdWords

AdWords store visit conversions are the first nicely packaged tracking solution in the paid search space to answer questions about online to offline behavior, attribution, and ultimately, return-on-investment.  Even in certain industries where in-store purchases are still common, like appliances or automotive, online research is a key influencing factor to these in-store purchases. For example,

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How to Use the Jobs to Be Done Framework to Improve Your Marketing Messaging

By Jaimee LaTorra and Rachel Zinanti Have you ever looked at a marketing persona and wondered what to do with the information? We love personas when it comes to ad targeting, especially for display or Facebook campaigns, because they ensure that we stay focused on key audience characteristics. But when it comes to creating content,

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3 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience Before They Visit Your Site

With advancements in machine learning, the growth of attribution modeling, and digital marketing as a whole becoming more user-focused, keyword-only strategies for paid search are no longer going to cut it. This is why audiences are a hot topic for paid search in 2018. Typically, the term ‘audience’ is associated with remarketing lists. Remarketing is

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Advanced Reporting & Automation for Google Shopping

Using the Google Merchant Center API, Supermetrics & More By Nico Brooks & Maggie Castle It doesn’t take much to upend a Google Merchant Center (GMC) account.  A single recalled product in a feed of thousands could suspend an entire feed.  Discrepancies in shipping costs, lost site verification, or expired feeds are also common culprits.

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