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So you’re thinking about launching a Facebook page for your business, but what could you possibly talk about? The good news is, you probably have more to say and share than you realize. A Facebook page is a great place to share your passion for your business area with a group of people who are also passionate about that topic. And an informal, conversational style works great on Facebook. As opposed to the buttoned-up marketing copy and well-styled images on your website, the Facebook page can and should be a place to let your passion and personality shine through. Just make sure you stay on topic for your business area.

Most of the time you’ll be creating text updates, sharing links, and uploading photos and videos. Here’s some ideas and examples.

1. Make updates about your company
Promote real-life events. Upload a snapshot of a new product that came in. Introduce a new employee. Mention a great interaction with a customer you had today. If you have a blog, post links to new articles (this can be automated).
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2. Share
Share topical articles, videos, or other links. Share tips and advice. Share information about your business partners, neighbors, and customers’ successes. Don’t make it all about you.
A Facebook post shared by Aurora Parks
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3. Ask questions to get business feedback
Considering longer hours? Wondering whether A or B will sell better?

4. Make offers
Studies show one of the top reasons people follow businesses in social media is to get access to promotions and coupons. Help your followers feel special.

5. Interact
Facebook is an interactive medium. You want to add content, and you want your community to respond and add their own content. How do you do that? Ask users to tell stories about their challenges & triumphs, their use of your products, or something recently in the news. Ask users to post photos. When fans create content on your page, they’re endorsing your business. And don’t forget to think of how you’ll incentivize people to contribute. (But be careful of contests, which Facebook regulates.) And plan to respond to every wall comment users make and answer most questions posed.

Work towards learning about which posts resonate with your fans and cause them to interact with the page more. People like to be where there is activity going on. Your followers may learn as much from other followers as they do from you. And you will hopefully learn from your followers, building better business relationships.

Business pages on Facebook are a great way to stay connected with customers. Have any additional tips or know a local business who has a great Facebook page? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Kris Skavish

Kris Skavish

Kris is fond of poppyseeds and organization. But not organizing poppyseeds. Learn more about Kris or read more blogs she has written.

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