Meet Noah Learner, Product Director

noah learner product director
Noah Learner, our new Product Director, will lead and develop our tools practice, including automation and tech stack integrations. Noah comes to Two Octobers from Bike Shop SEO and Agency Automators. He is bringing a number of automation tools that are ready to deploy today. He’s a proud tool builder and always excited for the next challenge. We consider ourselves lucky to join forces with an innovative mind and deep skillset.

Noah’s mission is to help clients compete online with cutting edge e-commerce SEO, local SEO, technical SEO, link building, and content marketing. He also produces digital marketing and web development programs that are built to help solve specific problems and needs.

As Product Director of Two Octobers, he helps bring clarity and practicality to your toolset. He can review your current tools and/or recommend, build or implement new ones. There are so many tools out there — Noah helps answer the questions of “What should I use?” and “What will be most effective.”

If you’d like to meet Noah for a consult and talk about the tools you’re using today, email [email protected].

Welcome, Noah!

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