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There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to access your business’ page on Google My Business; you can’t remember your password, someone else has verified the page, or maybe you just don’t know.

Process to gain access to Google My Business account

If you’ve forgotten your Google account name or password, or believe someone else has verified your page, go to Google My Business and follow these steps.

First, choose Get on Google.

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If asked sign in with the Google account you want to use to manage your page and agree to the Terms. Alternately, you can opt out of all Google services.

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Enter your business name and address and search

gmb help 03


Select an option. Which one to choose?


1) If there is a clear match, click it. If someone else has claimed it, follow the process below.

2) If it’s not already verified it will walk you through the process.

3) If you select “None of these match” you will go through a process to add your business. Your business probably does already exist on Google but may have a different name, address, phone number or something else. Google will give you some options much like the following.

4) If there is more than one match, record the info so you can find it again. Right click and “Save link address” if you can. If there is a close, but not exact match, flip a coin – either route should take you to the same point.

It is very likely that someone else has already verified your listing. Who? You might have the wrong account, someone else at your business may have claimed it, or it could be someone else entirely. Either way, follow the process to “Request admin rights”.


What do I do if someone else has verified my Google listing?

Short story: Whoever owns the associated Google account will get an email saying that you want access to the page. If you have multiple Google accounts, check each one for this email. Ask others in your business to check also. If you’re lucky, someone you know will have access. From there the transition is easy.

Long story: Google will walk you through the steps to find your Google account and request access to the Google My Business page. The next steps depend on your answers.



I terrified to click! What will happen?

I’ve forgotten you username or password: Google will walk you through the steps. Hopefully you set up a backup or remember some of the information.

I want to manage with a different account: Changing managers and transferring ownerships is easy – if have both accounts or know who does.

The business is managed by someone else: As I said above, whoever owns the associated Google account will get an email saying that you want access to the page. One of three things will happen:

The Good: The owner happily responds and gives you access.

The Bad: The owner does not respond. After some period of time (?) Google will let you know that that there was no response. This is followed by a process to again contact the owner. If there is still no response, Google will assume it is abandoned and may then grant you ownership. This can take many weeks.

The Ugly: The owner declines your request. As far as Google is concerned its case closed. Sorry.

I’ve tried everything and Google still won’t give me access to my Google My Business page. What do I do now?!?


* Note: Things change. This process was accurate in May 2015 *

Jason Rogers

Jason Rogers

Jason Rogers is a former SEO expert at Two Octobers.

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