Marketing Automation – a Journey with Google Sheets and Supermetrics – Part II

Part II – My First Project The problem: automated budget tracking and management My first project with Google Sheets and Google Apps Script (GAS) was to rebuild the campaign budget tracker we use to monitor budget pacing in paid search campaigns. This was the core functionality I had tried to replace first with a 3rd-party […]

During Election Years, Where Do People Want to Move?

At Two Octobers, we are always striving to better understand consumer behavior as it relates to our client’s business goals. The more we understand about how consumers research and make decisions, the more we can sharpen our messaging, offers, and UI interactions. Over the past year, I have been doing a considerable amount of consumer […]

Advanced Reporting & Automation for Google Shopping

Using the GMC API, Supermetrics & More By Nico Brooks & Maggie Castle It doesn’t take much to upend a Google Merchant Center (GMC) account.  A single recalled product in a feed of thousands could suspend an entire feed.  Discrepancies in shipping costs, lost site verification, or expired feeds are also common culprits. GMC requirements […]

Find and Replace with Regular Expressions in Google Sheets

File under: anecdotes from my love affair with Google Sheets. This post describes a handy trick for data wrangling in Google Sheets. If you’ve ever had to consolidate a bunch of messy data into a few stem patterns, read on. I recently found myself needing to consolidate a bunch of Google Analytics page view data […]

How to Contact Google My Business with Twitter

Have you ever gone bananas looking for a Google Business contact who can actually HELP? Yeah, we have too. A while back I wrote about how to find a Google business contact number. A great new support option launched last May; @googlemybiz. Now we use Twitter to contact Google My Business support almost exclusively. How […]

Marketing Automation – a Journey with Google Sheets and Supermetrics – Part I

Part I – Failure and recovery This post is aimed at people who work in marketing and advertising, and are interested in automating tasks to improve quality and efficiency. It describes my recent journey towards achieving these goals. For a little context on my philosophy of automation, check out this post from a few years […]