Six Must-have Citations in 2016

A number of years ago we posted a list of Top 10 Free Places to List Your Business. It’s time for an update. I wanted to avoid bias, so I didn’t look at the old list. What is new? What is relevant today? Guess what — I came up with a near identical list. Some […]

Replacing AdWords Editor HTML Export Functionality

Up until recently, AdWords Editor allowed users to export an account or campaign as an HTML file. We made heavy use of this functionality in order to share new campaigns with clients for approval. Unfortunately, Google removed this feature with the latest major release of the Editor. To replace it, we created a Google Sheet with […]

How Consumers View Retail Price Image: Implications for Digital Marketing

Price-conscious shoppers are a popular target for marketers, but there’s a lot beyond deals and coupons that influence consumer perception of a business’s pricing. Using these more subtle factors can be a valuable tool for crafting effective marketing copy. Consider this: you are planning a party, but now isn’t the best time to be spending […]

Conflicting Google My Business Pages

Conflicting Google My Business Pages

In last week’s episode of Google My Business EMERGENCY!, we explained why so many businesses can share the same address and the problems this can cause when trying to claim your Google My Business page. Our first responders arrived to find a multi-business pile-up. Names, addresses, and phone numbers were strewn about. Suite numbers lay […]

Google My Business for Medical Clinics

Google My Business for Medical Clinics

Why is it so hard to claim a Google My Business page? Medical clinics often struggle to claim and maintain their Google My Business (GMB) pages. The same is true for doctors, lawyers, real estate agents and others. The problem is that many of these businesses share the same or similar addresses, and often even […]

Google My Business Phone Support

Navigating the Google My Business online support can be pretty frustrating. You can find answers to some of the most common problems, but it can take a lot of digging, or professional help. Happily, Google does offer telephone support business pages. They are trained to navigate the system. The really good support people can sometimes move mountains, […]