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Google Analytics can be overwhelming for a marketer – traffic sources, goals, demographics, page paths, bounce rates, conversion paths, attribution models. And more importantly, what does this all mean?

Our unique one-on-one training program helps marketers learn to use Google Analytics, apply it to their day-to-day and more importantly, uncover the true needs of their customer. Otherwise known as the Holy Grail.

How does it work?

  • Every engagement is tailored specifically to you.
  • We assess your current knowledge level & goals, then customize our curriculum to match your needs.
  • We meet twice per month for 90 minutes. We’ll have suggested activities & reviews between sessions, but we’re flexible: you’ve got a day job!
  • Custom training sessions work best with 1 to 3 team members participating. Contact us for customized training offerings for larger groups.

Two Octobers coaching and training is one of a kind. It is hands on and you really feel like you get the training that is tailored to you. You can bring real-world instances to the table and they will help you with them. I have never found another program like theirs. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to up their game.

Andrea Jensen, Digital Marketing Specialist, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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Read how-to articles on Google Analytics and data storytelling.

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GA4 Resources

We’ve compiled our best resources for transitioning to and learning GA4, from tutorials to overviews.

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finding stories in data

Two Octobers’ Principal Nico Brooks shows how to find stories within data that can be a beacon of light for your business as well as fundamentally change your perspective on data mining and presentation.

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Reporting on scroll tracking in google analytics

Yes you can report on scroll tracking in Google Analytics! Use events in GA to see how far people scroll down pages to help identify content that isn’t performing well,and where you are losing visitors.

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