Author: Nico Brooks

google analytics events cheat sheet

Google Analytics Events Cheat Sheet

I’m presenting at the Denver Google Analytics Meetup tonight, and put together this cheat sheet on Google Analytics Events. Here’s a PDF version. Hat tip to Lunametrics for helpful scripts and being generally awesome.

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old fashioned open sign

Advanced Reporting & Automation for Google Shopping

Using the Google Merchant Center API, Supermetrics & More By Nico Brooks & Maggie Castle It doesn’t take much to upend a Google Merchant Center (GMC) account.  A single recalled product in a feed of thousands could suspend an entire feed.  Discrepancies in shipping costs, lost site verification, or expired feeds are also common culprits.

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google sheets with love in the title

Find and Replace in Google Sheets with regex

A handy trick for using google sheets regex File under: anecdotes from my love affair with Google Sheets. If you’ve ever had to consolidate a bunch of messy data into a few stem patterns, read on. I recently found myself needing to consolidate a bunch of Google Analytics page view data into a shortened list.

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google analytics presentation

How to get the most out of Google Analytics

We are doing a presentation on September 15th for Denver Startup Week. More to follow after the presentation, but here is a link to the Google Presentation: How to get the most out of Google Analytics And here is a description of what we will be presenting on the Denver Startup Week site. The jittery

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google analytics logo

Understanding Google Analytics Assisted Conversions Data Discrepancies

The Google Analytics assisted conversions report is very helpful for demonstrating which channels or sources indirectly influence conversions on a client’s site, but there are two somewhat confusing aspects to this report. The number of conversions shown by channel or source does not match other Google Analytics reports. Huh? The conversion numbers in the assisted conversions column sometimes exceeds

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google analytics logo

Google Analytics Cross-domain Tracking in an iFrame

A quick primer on the nature of the problem   One of the most common problems I run into with Google Analytics (GA) occurs when a website uses a 3rd-party shopping cart, booking system or other transactional functionality. These systems often run on another domain, which means a user goes from to to

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At Two Octobers, one of our core working principles is that collaboration makes work more productive and fun. To get better at it, we brought in some of the fabulous folks at On Your Feet. Here’s a short video capturing the ensuing productivity and fun. Video production, direction and editing: Johan Christanson Muse: Balto

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adwords in scrabble pieces

Replacing Google Ads Editor HTML Export Functionality

Updated August, 2016, to reflect changes in Google Ads Editor and added support for the expanded text ad format. In the Summer of 2015, Google removed the HTML export feature from Google Ads Editor. We made heavy use of this functionality in order to share new campaigns with clients for approval. To replace it, I

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Google Ads Shopping Ads – Setting Bids by Product Price

Google recently released a major update to product advertising on their Ads platform. With the update came a new name, Shopping campaigns, replacing their previously-named Product Listing Ads (PLA) campaigns. Shopping campaigns generate keywords and ads from a product data feed provided by the advertiser, and are an incredibly effective way to market products online.

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