Author: Nico Brooks

Analytics Tutorial: What Are My Top Audiences?

Audience Analysis in GA The Audience section of GA reporting shows characteristics of the people who visit a website, including where they come from, what devices they use, and demographics. To understand top audiences, we are going to export several of these reports and look for top- and poor-performing audience segments. The reports we are

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Google Analytics: Goals & Multi-channel Funnels

In this module, we will cover how to set up goals in GA, and some of the reports in the Conversions section of reporting that help us understand the whos and hows of conversion behavior. We’ll be using the Google Analytics demo account in the examples in this module. The demo account is a GA

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Google Analytics: Behavior

The behavior section of reporting in GA mostly shows how visitors interact with a web property. In this module, we will cover the following subsections of Behavior reporting: Events – interactions on a page, such as scrolls, clicks, video views and form inputs. Site Content – reporting on entrances, page views and exits by page. Behavior Flow –

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Google Analytics: Acquisition

Acquisition reporting shows how website visitors perform, based on where they are coming from. Acquisition reporting includes the following sections: All Traffic – reports of all traffic to the website, organized by various dimensions. Detailed referral traffic reporting also falls in this section, for some reason. Google Ads – if Google Ads and GA are linked, these

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Google Analytics: Audience

The Audience reporting section of GA is focused on reports that help you understand the characteristics of a website’s audience. Using Audience Reports To Do a Persona Analysis in GA We are going to walk through how to use GA to develop marketing personas, as a way to demonstrate some of the capabilities of audience

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Regular expressions 101

In this video tutorial, we walk through key building blocks of regular expressions using the incredibly powerful REGEXEXTRACT function in Google Sheets. To follow along, make a copy of this Sheet. Topics covered: Matching characters and sets of characters Using ORs to match multiple things Using escapes to match special characters Matching the beginning and

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