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Website analytics is the backbone of digital marketing, and a big change is in the works: Google Analytics 4. Two Octobers Head of Analytics Nico Brooks shares expert instruction on how to use it best. Our GA4 content is arranged by experience level and by topic. Read on.

Reporting on GA4 Landing Pages in Looker Studio

GA4 Landing page data is not available as a dimension in Looker Studio. We share a workaround and walk you through some advanced techniques.

GA4 Engagement Metrics: Session Duration & More

Learn about Session Duration in GA4, how the user_engagement event makes it a more useful metric, and how Average Engagement Time per Session is measured.

Intro to GA4 Part 4: Reporting

Check out our crash course on how to get the most out of GA4 reports.

Intro to GA4 Part 3: Navigating the GA4 Interface

Having trouble understanding the GA4 interface? Let's walk through the platform to demonstrate how to quickly and efficiently find the data you need.

Intro to GA4 Part 2: GA4 vs. Universal Analytics

GA4 is coming — find out the differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics to make the transition a smooth one.

Intro to GA4 Part 1: The Event Model

In this GA4 tutorial, we what events are, the parameters you need to know, and naming conventions.

GA4 Funnel Exploration: Where Do Users Go After Landing?

There's a hidden feature in GA4 Funnel Explorations that enables you to report on where users go after landing on your site — find out ...

​​Report on Individual GA4 Conversions in Looker Studio

Find out how to report on individual Google Analytics 4 conversions in Looker Studio by blending and filtering your data or creating custom metrics.

GA4 Advanced Segments: Make Comparisons More Useful

So far, GA4 only includes support for segments in Explorations. In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to create comparisons (advanced segments) — check it out.

Guide to GA4 Scroll Tracking

In this GA4 tutorial, we cover how to set up the Scroll Depth trigger in Google Tag Manager (GTM) *and* how to create a scroll ...

How to Use Path Explorations in GA4

GA4 Path Explorations show you how users flow through events and pages on your website. Find out how to create and use them!

How GA4 Will Impact Your Business—and When to Switch [recording & recap]

GA4 includes significant changes from the version you're used to. Learn more about the potential impact to your business, and plan for setting it up ...

New to GA4? These resources will help you get oriented. We include both introduction videos and several core concepts that are different than Universal Analytics.

Learn how to use GA4 to understand user engagement on your website.

Learn how to use and customize reports, so you can find the data you need in GA4.

Customize GA4 to get even better data to meet your marketing needs.

Presenting GA4 data in Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) is a great way to create dashboards for the whole team, and often an easier way to display the data to tell just the story we want to. But it’s not always a walk in the park. We offer tips for tricky situations.

If you’re just getting started with GA4, use these blogs and videos to help get you oriented and understanding your data.

For intermediate users, learn how to make the GA4 more useful, and understand key concepts behind the numbers.

Advanced concepts for set up, customizing, and reporting in GA4.

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